03 junho, 2015

Undone pain.

The shadows left by a candle
Waiting for dawn to rape them off
Can not shout, or grieve upon my eyes.
Carrying on the day-by-days
Waiting for shelter
Behind a landscape stitched on their veins.

Cry your melted Crayons out.
Wipe out the achromatic waves
Do not sell the world a lonely slave.
Unless it's you.
On the bottom of a flask
Seized by tears and salt.

I can see and hear your name.
Even so, you ask me for more.
As I sore, your god wants the same.
The same old story of a boy, an angel, and a saint.

'Ludicrous'... You must say.
A hell of a compliment
For a bald old lady
With her dreams fading away
By the laws of a cancer fringe.
And her son couldn't stay.

Files covered by time's sweat.
Ambitions waiting on the end of the line.
Submissions and laughter
for those who are claimed blind.

What else is there to find?

Undone pain.

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